Coriander, also known as cilantro and Chinese parsley is commonly used as an herb for medicinal purposes. Coriander is widely produced and exported by India, Russia, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Coriander could be found in soups, stews, and vegetable and meat dishes and it is very much popular in the North Africa, Southern Europe and South-Western Asia. This herb is cultivated in many farmlands across the world.

The United Kingdom is the main European importer of coriander seeds and Germany too remains one of the leading importers of coriander seeds from developing countries. India is the largest supplier of coriander seeds to Europe.

Coriander takes more or less 75 days to reach harvest and for seed harvest, would allow 100 days. Cilantro, has been used by many countries for many centuries specially for cooking and the leading countries are China, Russia, Mexico, India, Africa, Spain, Thailand, Middle East, most Asian countries.

Coriander could be used as a by-product in making essential oils, pharmaceutical products; perfumes, lotions and hand wash etc.