Cloves are the flower buds of the clove tree. Cloves have a huge demand in the world market. Currently, the highest demand for cloves in terms of consumption in the global market comes from Asia Pacific and North American region.

Indonesia is the leading clove producer in the world, accounting for nearly 77.2 percent of the global output.

Some of the world’s popular producing countries for Cloves are Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Indonesia.

Major cloves importing countries include Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, USA, Pakistan, Malaysia, Canada, Mexico and Bangladesh.

Sri Lankan cloves have a substantial market worldwide as Sri Lankan clove is found to be richer in oil than those from other producing countries. Sri Lanka produces more than 7,000 metric tons.

Clove grades range from Handpicked, Grade 01, FAQ and Stems.

Harvesting Season: Dec – Feb (Sri Lanka)