Coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide, prepared from roasted coffee beans. More than 400 billion cups are consumed by people annually.

The top coffee producing and exporting countries in the world are Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, India and Ethiopia. Honduras, Uganda, Guatemala, Peru, Nicaragua, Mexico, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, El Salvador, Ecuador are also among noteworthy producers.

There are over 100 coffee species in the world and there are two main two varieties of coffee that are widely produced and sold. The main two varieties are Arabica and Robusta, where the former is milder and more aromatic and the latter is stronger and leaves a peanutty aftertaste.

Coffee beans are used to flavor various beverages and consumer goods. Coffee can be considered the most valuable agricultural crop in the world and is an important export product of Central and South America, the Caribbean and Africa

It takes about five years for the coffee to reach maturity and to reach full fruit production.

Coffee could be used as a by-product in making Cascara, beverage, Ŝelosoda, coffee flour, cookies, brownies and air freshener.